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Published: 2 weeks ago

How to write copy like a human (viral Seattle Dog Walker Craigslist Post)

The copy below is from a Seattle Dog Walker post on Craigslist. The writer shows 3 lessons about writing copy that actually sells products. When your product is a commodity, differentiate with personality You can’t bore people into buying your product (Ogilvy once said) For …

Published: 1 year ago

Wired Magazine’s 5 Rules of Content Marketing Every Blogger Should Read

I found a set of archived submission guidelines from Wired Magazine. While reading them, I realized that all of these principles are incredibly useful for content marketing. If the future of marketing is content, then we should pay attention to publishers like Wired, Vice Magazine, …

Published: 1 year ago

The ONE Guide to Remarketing for SaaS Companies (Co-Authored by Me)

I co-authored a Guide to Remarketing for SaaS companies. This was published by the digital agency I work at, One Net Marketing. This free guide  provides a comprehensive look at remarketing, the technology, best practices, mistakes to avoid, and best use of this technology in …