I'm a senior copywriter at Hootsuite. I write about B2B copywriting, content marketing, and direct response.

Just a SaaS marketer living the dream 

My career has led me to work mostly for SaaS and enterprise tech brands, helping these companies generate leads and then convert them.

Where I work 

Right now, I’m the senior copywriter on Hootsuite’s enterprise content team. Our global campaigns use content marketing to generate leads from enterprise organizations.

Hootsuite is the world’s most widely used social media relationship platform.

More than 10 million users, including 744 of the Fortune 1000 companies, trust Hootsuite to manage their social media programs across multiple social networks from one integrated dashboard. We have 600+ employees and continue to grow.

I work at the Vancouver headquarters.

Before joining Hootsuite 

Before joining Hootsuite, most of my experience involved working with SaaS companies and tech brands, helping them grow their userbases and get leads.

At my last agency job (at One Net Marketing), I headed up the CRO strategy for Intuit’s eBillity, a time tracking app.

My experience also includes writing sizzle videos for Google’s Wildfire and Thomson Reuter’s Time and Billing SaaS product.

I’ve run B2B lead generation campaigns for tech companies, ad agencies, and enterprise SaaS products, using search, display, social, and content.

I love reading the old direct response masters like Halbert, Schwartz, and Sugerman (my favorite and whose book got me into this game).

My consulting experience

In my spare time, I’ve also worked as a consultant. This has been a good experience for me. I’ve spoken at conferences, conducted training workshops, and really had to show the direct business value of my work to executives in order to justify my retainer.

Key wins included leading the content marketing and SEO strategy for a national financial services franchise with 50 locations across Canada. I led the content strategy and execution for 2+ years, driving 76% year-over-year growth in organic search. This made search the primary driver of new business, with 68.9% of all new leads attributed to organic traffic.

Key strategies I implemented included: using video training to roll out hyper local content pages for each franchise, building content, technical SEO audits, and extensive keyword research.

Fun projects 

I also built one of the world’s most popular career sites for humanities majors. Some of my more popular posts on that site have 1 million views and the site generates 40K monthly visitors.

The site has received national press and I was offered a book deal. I turned down the deal, though, as my eBook (that I sell on the site) generates about $800 per month in passive income. This site has been really fun and has led to speaking engagements and a nice source of extra money.

I’m now building a new site and eBook, focused on personal finance.

Professional interests 

I love SaaS marketing, B2B and complex buying journeys, running A/B tests, conversion optimization, and SaaS analytics.

I’m a copywriter by trade and have studied direct marketing from Gary Halbert to Joseph Sugarman to Eugene Schwartz to Robert Collier.

Where I work 

Hootsuite! I’m the senior copywriter on the enterprise marketing team.

A few project highlights 

I’ve also worked on multiple video projects for Google’s Wildfire product, the world’s most popular social media analytics and monitoring tools (now integrated directly in Google Analytics). I’ve also helped launch Thomson Reuter’s Time and Billing SaaS product, including writing the launch video and onboarding.

Here’s a sample reel of SaaS videos I’ve worked on in the last year including my work for Google’s Wildfire.

One Net Marketing Client Reel from One Net Marketing on Vimeo.


Personal Interests 

I’m a pretty good reggae guitar player and attended music college for a year. I like writing and hacking up WordPress sites.


I have a BA in English and also have a Master’s Degree in Literary Theory from the University of Victoria for now reasons now beyond my own comprehension.

I’m individually Google AdWords Certified and completed SEO training at Q College in Victoria.

Contact me 

My email is jamesRmulvey@gmail.com and @JamesMulvey on Twitter.