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Published: 2 years ago

I Gave at Talk on B2B Copywriting at BrainStation’s Vancouver Office

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Last week, I gave a talk on B2B copywriting at BrainStation, a digital marketing school in Vancouver.

I covered a few topics that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. One skill that I’m working on is trying to find more obscure resources to inspire ad campaigns and new content pieces. ”

As Art Director Jessica Walsh says, “tThe more diverse and obscure your inspirations the more likely you’ll make something unique and fresh that will help you stand out.”

I just finished Bob Dylan’s autobiography and he says the same thing. For example, he had a strange fascination with civil war newspapers and would spend the day in the library reading them. He saw a lot of commonalities between the problems in the civil war and the 1960s. This obscure obsession gave him a unique voice—both archaic and modern. Imagine if he did what so many of us do in marketing: look at best practices and campaigns from our competitors. Shallow pools of knowledge lead to shallow insights.

I also talked a lot about building trust in B2B campaigns. It’s an understood concept. But often we don’t work very hard on building trust. We’d rather chase traffic and conversions.

You might find the list of copywriting resources below useful. I shared them with the group at the talk.

  • The Robert Collier Letter Book
  • D&AD: The Copy Book
  • Advertising Secrets of the Written Word by Joseph Sugarman
  • Neville’s email list. And his Kopywriting Kourse.
  • Noah Kagan’s OKDORK.com
  • Viperchill.com, Nick Usborne, and Lincoln Murphy (SixteenVentures.com)



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