I'm a senior copywriter at Hootsuite. I write about B2B copywriting, content marketing, and direct response.

[Guide] The Social Media Data Cookbook

I created this guide filled with 11 simple, useful, and completely practical ways to use social media data.

If you are tired of reading about social media data and now want to actually use some of it to make your marketing smarter and campaigns more profitable, this is the guide for your team.

The guide immediately started generating enterprise leads and opportunities. Based on the success, we then turned the concept into a webinar series.

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[Series] The 7-Month Guide to Growing Your SaaS Company

I came up with the concept and led a team to create this 7-part series on how to grow SaaS companies.

We broke into teams and built this online resource. The goal was to combine different experts and build a collaborative piece of content marketing. This involved different teams at the agency and we worked together over multiple days to create rough drafts of the sections.

Once the rough drafts were completed, I was the lead writer and editor. My goal with the project was to write a mile deep and an inch thin on the topic of SaaS growth.

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[eBook] The ONE Guide to AdWords Remarketing

I co-authored this eBook.

This eBook provides a comprehensive look at AdWords remarketing, the technology, best practices, mistakes to avoid, and best use of this technology in customer acquisition. Case studies of SaaS companies using remarketing to blend brand and direct response included.

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[eBook] A New Framework for Digital Health Promotion Campaigns

This is an eBook I wrote, showing nonprofits and government organizations how to use digital channels for public health promotion campaigns. The eBook immediately generated 30K in new business for the agency (within a month of publication). It continues to attract qualified inbound leads and I’ll post more results later. The link below will take you to an article promoting the book.

Digital Health Promotion Campaigns