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Published: 5 years ago

Wired Magazine’s 5 Rules of Content Marketing Every Blogger Should Read

I found a set of archived submission guidelines from Wired Magazine.

While reading them, I realized that all of these principles are incredibly useful for content marketing. If the future of marketing is content, then we should pay attention to publishers like Wired, Vice Magazine, the Atlantic.

Publishers know how to build audiences. Publishers know that its not just about creating content. It’s about creating a unique product in the marketplace, a story readers can only find from your site.

Rule #1 and Rule #5 are the most important principles you can ever understand about content marketing. Look at any successful blog, and you’ll see those rules working behind the scenes.


No conflict, no story 

If there’s no conflict — moral, institutional, cultural — there’s no story.

Write it long 

Write it well — long, if the material demands. Take chances.

Keep it green 

It shouldn’t matter too much if someone rereads your piece next month or next year. Poet Ezra Pound calls this kind of information “news that stays news.” It’s rare. We’ll go out of our way to find it and publish it.

Mile deep, inch wide 

The piece must be definitive. Write the final word on the subject.

Have a voice 

We don’t want anything that duplicates what you can read elsewhere.

Wired’s original source here.


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